Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Keepin' it real...

A day in the life of Colin...
Hey guys!  This is Colin.  I thought I would share a day with you!  Mom wants to remember every single thing about my childhood, so I am going to help her out by documenting this. 
I slept so good last night!  In fact, I felt so good that I woke up extra early so I could hang out with mom!  [It was 5:00 in the morning]  I am not sure exactly what I was doing, but I kept saying "uh oh!  uh oh!  uh oh!"  And when I say that, Mom comes in my room pretty fast.  It's funny =)
Mom got me up, changed my diaper, and we went into the kitchen.  "Milk?  Peas?"  I always ask for it as soon as we are up.  Mom is good about making it for me too.  Then she always says, "Colin, come cuddle with me!"  And I do, of course!
She always tells me she loves my cuddles.  Most of the time we turn on the t.v. and usually a show about dinosaurs is on [Dinosaur Train] and then another show about a train comes on! [Thomas the Train]  I really like trains! 

I don't last very long on the couch with mom.  I mean, I'm up - I want to play!  Normally I find Suzi and lay on her until Mom tells me "that's enough".  Then Mom makes me breakfast.  I like to watch her make her and Daddy's coffee.  I'm not sure why Mom didn't take a picture at breakfast.  She must have been busy.

After breakfast I really play!  I pull out a cube and dump it on the floor.  This morning Mom had laundry that we folded too. 
[Note: mini fort, truck, books, the toys dumped out of the cube, the folded laundry in the laundry basket, tipped over desk (behind basket), toy with some laundry inside...]
Daddy always gives Suzi pills in the morning, and I always get to give her a treat once she takes her pills!
I'm really good at it.  And sometimes I squat next to Suzi to make sure she eats all of it.  Usually Mom or Dad make me move back, not sure why... I'm just trying to make sure Suzi doesn't miss any!

Mom told me that we needed to wash the sheets on her and Daddy's bed... so we headed to their bedroom.  I am such a big help.  I pulled off all the sheets, then I threw them all back on the bed.  Then I pulled them off, and I was about to put them back on the bed when Mom told me to just put them in this basket. 
Then I pushed it down the hallway.  Mom helped me carry it downstairs to the basement, but then I loaded it into the washing machine.

When we came back upstairs Mom said she had to brush her teeth and get ready for the day.  While she was doing that, I rearranged her shoes.
She had it all wrong.  Doesn't she know you aren't supposed to have matching shoes next to each other?!  I fixed it for her.  Then I headed to my room to play with cars for a bit.
Mom said it was about 8:30 [yeah all that happened before 8, crazy] and we needed to get ready to go.  We always have to walk Suzi out back.  The only door to the backyard is in the basement, so we let her out, she goes pee pee, then we let her back inside.
We never play out there.  Mom says it is "Suzi's domain" or something like that.
Dad left for work, and Mom started looking all over the place for a "reciept"... she finally just said, "oh well, hope they take it back without one."  Sometimes she talks to me and I don't really understand, so most of the time I just say "uh huh" and that seems to work.

Mom and I went to Lowes and she made returns.  And when I got in the cart I got a snack!  I love eating while we are shopping - it seems that anytime I am with Mom in a cart I get a snack.  Hmmm, wonder if she does that on purpose. 

As soon as I get in my carseat in the car, or in a cart at the store, it is soo much fun to see how fast I can kick off my shoes!  I love it!  Everytime I do, Mom about steps on them and I laugh so hard!  Then she makes a face, and throws them in her purse.  She is sooo funny! 
[note: new shirt]
I made friends with a guy on a big truck while we were there!  [he was lifting wood in the lumber section]  And I gave another guy a high five, then we got a key made!  I love holding Mom's keys, so this was really neat.  That guy didn't pay me any attention, but when we checked out... they guy there just kept talking to me.  When this happens I like to just give people a blank stare.   Mom tries to get me to say "hey" or something, but I like to just stare quietly.  Sometimes I will say "bye" but today I didn't feel like it.

Then we went to the library!  I love the library!  They have cool computers that Mom lets me play on!
I am so good at these computers too!  We also got some books - I love to read - and a couple of them are about trucks!  What could be better!  I got to run around in the kids section, and I even screamed really loud!  But Mom told me I needed to be more quiet. 

On the way home, Mom and I sang really loud to the radio.  We love to sing in the car! 
At home, I quickly found my bike and made a few laps around the house.  I think it is so funny to run into Suzi - she jumps so big and then runs away!  I laugh so hard!  Mom doesn't seem to think it is funny and always tells me to "be easy with Suzi!"  but I usually forget.
Mom and I also finished up the laundry.  I just love to play in the clean laundry!
Daddy made a quick stop by our house before lunch!  When I see his car I always yell "Daddy Home!"  And when he walked in I ran to give him a big hug!  He wasn't able to stay long, he said he had to get back to work.  When he left, Mom and I waved at the window - and he beeped his horn!  He is so funny.

Mom made us lunch, and I got some applesauce!  It was so good! 
After lunch, I get really crazy.  I like to run around a scream as loud as I can!  It is the best game!  Today Mom even chased me some!  She always says that I need to get out my energy before nap time. 

Then we went into my room, changed my diaper, and snuggled up for a couple books.  I always read about Jesus before nap, then I get to pick one or two more.  Then Mom sings to me.  I was so tired by the time she started singing, in the middle of the song, I said, "night night". 

So she put me down, and I went right to sleep. 
I wonder what Mom does while I sleep.... I know that my toys are usually put away when I wake up, so I bet she plays with them...

When I got up [2 hours later] I had a snack.
And then Mom and I headed outside to play!  It was a nice day and I really wanted to walk to the park, but Mom kept telling me no.  I was starting to get really upset... but then she pulled out my water table!  And the hose!  Oh man, I was excited!
I am so good squirting the water!  I even got Mom a few times!  We stayed out for a long time, but when she told me to come inside I was so mad!  I didn't want to come in!  Once inside, I got over it though.  I got to wash my hands, which always makes things better.  But then Mom said she saw a boo boo on my knee!  I am used to getting boo boos but I have never had to have a Band Aid!
I was very interested in it.  I kept reminding mom that I had a "hurt" and I pointed to my knee in case she forgot.  Then I got her to kiss it to make it better.  It worked.

Dinner was leftovers.  They were really good - usually when Dad is home late we have leftovers. 
After dinner we read the books we had gotten at the library.
I really like the ones with the trucks!  This one had dirt - I had to keep telling Mom in case she didn't see it.
After I brushed my teeth I heard Daddy get home!  I was SO excited!  I ran full speed into his arms and gave him the biggest kiss!  I love when he gets home!

Bath was really fast... my boo boo hurt when it got in the water.  Mom had to be really fast!  When we got to my room, Mom got my pajamas on and we talked about our fun day.  Then we said my prayers and she left me in my crib.  I didn't make a peep. 

Night Night everyone!

[This ended up way longer than I thought it would =)  If you are still reading... I really just wanted to document a "normal" day.  I think I am just getting sad that my baby is turning 2!  Wow.]

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Amanda said...

I love this!!! How cute! Makes me want to record a normal day...maybe I will. Aww, Colin is about to be 2...they grow so fast!