Monday, September 10, 2012


I did a post about things that Colin has done or said that I just didn't want to forget, and I called them "Colin-isms".  I am going to try to keep up with this so I have things like this written down!  He is just growing too fast and I am trying to savor every.single.second!

-He loves trucks, cars, buses, tractors, really anything with wheels. 

- He says "no" ALL THE TIME.
For example: 
Me: Colin do you want to go get your truck?
Colin:  No.  No.... No!  No.  Nope.  No.
Me: Okay
Colin: goes and gets his truck
So, as you see... "no" means "yes" sometimes.  It's confusing at times.  =)

- Anytime he burps (or farts) he was say "EWWWW!" and then laughs

- Before we eat we pray holding hands.  Anytime we eat with a guest, Colin grabs their hand.  It's precious.  I asked him, "Colin, who are we praying to?"  and he answered, "God."  Then we have a bible story book we read before nap, when I ask him who is on the front he says, "Geez" [Jesus].  Love seeing him learning about the Lord!

- He is trying with his numbers... he will say "two.... eight, nine..." 
he is also really trying with his colors.  He can point to a color when you ask him, but if you ask "what color is this?" and point to a color, 99% of the time it will be "blue" (even if it's not, that's what Colin will say)

- When we were in Charlotte playing outside, I had a mosquito on my leg - so I slapped it.  Colin saw me, so I said, "eww a bug!"  Then he proceeded to slap his leg and say "ewwww bug"... even after we came inside =)

- He loves putting his hands in his pockets. Although sometimes he does it too hard and his pants come down
- We were driving home the other day and right down the road is a street, which leads to a park.  In the car Colin started pointing and saying, "Peeas, peas?  Peas?" [please] I was wondering what he was talking about... you can't see the park from the street we were on, and he was in his carseat in the car.  When we got home, he jumped in his wagon and wanted me to pull him back to the park!  How did he even remember that was the street that led to the park?!  He's a genius.  That's the only explanation.

- He will point to himself and say "Holin" or something along those lines =)

- Anytime Suzi barks at something outside (which is often!) I normally say, "Suzi!  Enough!"  and now Colin has started to say "Suzi!!  Suzi, no!"  or he will go over to her and pat her on the side and softly say "Suzi... Suzi... no..."  It's sweet.

- He had a mild butt rash a few weeks ago, when we would put butt paste on his booty, he would get upset (guess it hurt =( so sad), so I made it a game.  I told him I was going to "dot" his bottom with the cream, then I said "dot... dot... dot" as I put it on his bottom.  Now everytime we do a diaper change, he says, " dot, dot, peas, dot"  =)  At least it worked!

- He really likes to see what I am doing when I'm cooking.  He pulls at my leg and says "see?!"  It's too bad our kitchen is small and we don't have much counter space for him to stand somewhere and watch.  I either have to put the mixing bowl on the floor so we can do it together, or I have to put a chair in the middle of the kitchen so he can watch what I am doing. 

- When Suzi is out of food, Colin's job is to refill her bowl.  He's good at it.  And you better not do it without him!

- The other day I slammed my hand in the door to the house (yes, yes I did.  All by myself.  And it hurt sooooooo bad!  I thought I broke it!)  Colin was standing there with Garet when I did it.  I doubled over and sat curled in a chair, Garet gave me an ice pack then took Colin to the other room so he wouldn't see me in pain... but for the rest of the night Colin kept saying, "Mommy, boom, hurt, ice" 

- When he gets hurt he asks for "ice" immediately.  I give him one of those frozen ice things for when a baby is teething.  Then later he will point where he got hurt and say "boom, hurt."  And sometimes he will imitate crying.

Colin will be 2 on the 23rd... I still can't believe it!  We are so blessed!  I am amazed at everything he does - he picks up on things so fast.  And remembers things that I would never believe he could remember!  Colin is such a joy and Garet and I have so much fun with him!  So far, every age has been so much fun!  I am going to try to keep track of all the things he says/does that I don't want to forget!  What an awesome kid we have!

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