Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting involved...

We found a church!  This is huge =)  We loved the church we went to in Huntsville, so when we moved, we compared all of them to that one... and, of course, in a tiny little town, none of them compared.  Well, now that we moved again - we have found a church home!  Yay!  We went to a few different ones, and we finally decided on Westover Church.  We love love love the music!  And the pastor, and I wanted to jump right in and get involved.  That is the main way we met our good friends in Huntsville.  So... I am now in a womens bible study and a MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers).  I have only been to each once, but I am soooo excited! 
These pictures don't have anything to do with the church, we just decided to blow bubbles outside and these are from that day =) 
MOPS was on Tuesday, and Colin did great when I dropped him off in childcare.  I really wasn't worried though, he has always been great about being dropped off and he has always been so good that the teachers are so impressed.  So I wasn't worried.  Until.... I picked him up.  My sweet boy was so red and blotchy from crying so hard!  Oh it made this mama's heart hurt so bad!  The teachers said he had just started crying when the mom's started coming in to pick up the kids.  They also had a couple volunteers not show up, so there were more kids in the room than usual.  Oh I scooped him up, then questioned whether I was doing the right thing (leaving him without me). 
But in the end, I knew this was good for both of us.  He had never cried like that... so the next day when I went to bible study, I said a quick prayer and dropped him off again.  He did fine.  But about 20 minutes into the class, the director pulled me out.  She said, "Colin is fine... but he is crying some.  He will play for a while, then he will start crying and saying 'Mommy!'  But he is playing more than he is crying, so unless you feel like you need to get him I think he is fine.  I will get you if it gets worse..."  Oh, my heart!  I thanked her, went back to class, and then the girl I had met in there said she would walk with me to spy on him at our break.  And thankfully he was FINE!  Happy and coloring.  Whew! 
When class was over, I am pretty sure I ran to get Colin!  I peeked in and he was running around with a big purple ball.  When I walked in and he saw me, he kept right on running!  Mommy who?  The teacher said that once they started coloring, he was fine!  And they were playing the "Clean up" song, so now he was cleaning up.  Although from what I saw he was just running around and throwing a ball =)  She had to walk over and actually take Colin's hand to lead him to me so we could go!  haha  Sooooooo much better! 

So I am very thankful to have this "escape" each week.  To learn and grow closer to God, and to meet and get to know other girls here.  I am also thankful that Colin is getting some time with other kids, in a Christian environment.  They have bible stories, songs, and get to do some crafts.  The teachers are really great, and they made me feel totally comfortable! 

Yay, we have finally found where we belong =) 
My sweet sleeping angel at his nap today. 


Hunter and his family... said...

Oh Kelly, I'm so happy that you found your church and a place to call "home". Glad to hear that Colin is adjusting to his new environment there at church. I know the feeling when your baby cries for you....oh man! HOpe you are doing well. xoxoxoxoxo

L Davis said...

These words touch another momma's heart. xoxo