Sunday, September 23, 2012

Racing party...

We celebrated Colin's 2nd birthday with a race car party!  I totally didn't think I would be that mom... ya know the one that goes all out with a theme birthday party.  Oh, but I am.  I just can't help myself!  So... Saturday morning, we got to decorating!  My parents were here, so they were a GREAT help!  My dad looked a little more decorated than the house =)
Garet's mom and Rod were also here, and they did so much!  It is so nice to have grandparents help!!  I did the invites myself.  Then I got all the the food together.  I tried to keep it simple... hotdogs, pretzels, chex mix, peanuts, donuts, cupcakes...
We had lunch, and my mom caught this cute picture of Colin and Sawyer enjoying their lunch =)
After lunch, I got some candles on a cupcake and we all sang to Colin!  He LOVED it!  He even tried to sing along =)  Then afterwards he just clapped and clapped!  Then he blew out his candles!
Colin doesn't get sweets often, so this was a big deal.  Looks like he is trying to savor it.

Then he proceeded to lick all the icing off =)

The cupcake didn't last more than a minute or so.
After the kids ran around a bit, we gathered so that Colin could open his gifts!  What a blessed little boy!  After he opened each gift he thanked the person that gave it to him (with a little help from me) it was precious!
Colin loved all his gifts!  He wanted to play with each thing that we pulled out! 
We had so much fun!  It was so great that some people were able to make the 2 hour drive from Charlotte for the afternoon!  Like one of my best friends, Christy!
Once all the gifts were open, Colin just got to play!  I love watching him play with his toys.  He was "vroom"-ing all around in this picture!
His cousin Sam was a big help too... he put together a bunch of Colin's toys for him.  And he helped him load up his dump truck with Legos!

Colin (and Garet and I!) had a great time at his party!  He went down for his nap (yes, I still put him down for a nap), and then we all got to relax!  It was so much fun!  I just can't believe my little boy is 2!!

That night we went out to dinner with Garet's mom and Rod.  The food was wonderful, and we got to sit outside since the weather was so nice!  Here we are with our little birthday boy!

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Us Daviss said...

such a sweet child to celebrate! The party looked like a lot of fun! I cant wait to come see yalls house! love you guys!