Friday, September 7, 2012

C and Me...

September is a SUPER busy month for Garet at work, he is gone a lot... so Colin and I have found fun stuff to keep us busy.  You've seen from my previous post all about one of our days... This was before he got ahold of the water that day:
He is so funny with his sunglasses... or "glass".  He pushed them on his head like this, by the way.  The neighbor got a new t.v. (or at least a big t.v. box...) and Colin loved watching the truck!
We had a gift card to Barnes and Noble that I figured we'd use up.  We headed to the kids books, and he went straight to the truck section!  I have no idea how he found it so fast!  And yes, we did end up getting a book with wheels...
Then on the other side, we made a huge discovery!  A train!  Colin fit right in with the other boys there... and by the looks of it, moms just come and get coffee and sit while their kids play.  I'll have to keep that in mind - cheap and fun for C.  It was funny to hear each boy saying "choo choo" with his own train!
It is always interesting to see how your child will interact with other kids.  Colin got yelled at (by the brunette kid) (for no reason) and he just turned around and choo choo'd the other way.  (The mom pulled the kid aside and had a chat, in case you were wondering.)  But Colin wasn't fazed.  Then if there was a pile up on the bridge (which was often) he would just walk around and continue a little further down the track.  It was really cute.  Oh and the boy in the stripes threw a train and Colin ran and got it and handed it back to him. 

After Colin's nap it was stormy, so I decided that he could "cook" while I got the kitchen clean and started our dinner.
He had [uncooked] noodles, measuring cup, in small cups were: sugar, flour, [uncooked] grits, raisins, and water.  Then I gave him the big bowl and a spoon.  He was really serious about this cooking thing!
He ended up pouring everything into the bowl.  Except the raisins... those he munched on.  Next thing I know, he is eating it.  Guess a good cook always samples his food...  but how gross!  Granted, everything was edible but uncooked noodles... whatever dude. 
Yum.... looks good.

Then today we headed to a bounce house... and we had sooo much fun!  On most of them the steps to get up are so steep that I climb up behind him, so I get to slide down too!  It really is fun =)  Colin is pretty good at doing it himself though.
He made some friends too.  It is so funny to see these kids flop around on these big bouncy things!  When we left I thought Colin was going to fall asleep on the way home - he was so tired! 

We've had an awesome week!  But we sure miss having Daddy around!  Tonight G and C had some quality time together - and it's FRIDAY!  So yay, we have the weekend to hang out! 

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