Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sweet faces...

As I mentioned over on Beane A Day, I almost forgot to take a picture today!  Garet and Colin went out after dinner, so when they got home... before bath and bed... I snapped a few pictures...

Colin had fun with water and so his shirt was soaked... so we got rid of it.  And then everytime I snapped a picture Colin wanted to see it, so we made it a game.  Garet would give an order, I would snap the picture, then we would all look at it and laugh =)


Stick out your tongue!

 Touch your hair!

Give kisses!  

(I'm pretty sure Colin thought he was kissing in that picture)


What a fun child we have!!

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Kim Beane Burzych said...

You and Garet are very blessed, and so is Colin!