Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fun visit...

My parents came to visit for a night!  It was so much fun!  They got here on Tuesday around lunch, Colin showed them the house (which they've seen, but we had boxes everywhere!) and he showed them how he likes to play outside!

We got out more sidewalk chalk and now our sidewalk is a wonderful masterpiece!
My parents brought a truck that they had at their house... Colin loves to play with it there, but we have blocks that fit with it, so they brought it to us.  Colin loves it just as much here =)  I think he was showing Grandmama what all the buttons do...

Then, Grandmama showed him how to draw with the chalk on the seat!

On Wednesday we all went to the Natural Science Center!  I mentioned it over on Beane A Day... we had so much fun.  There was a whole section geared towards 5 and under, and Colin had a blast!  We could have just stayed in that part and he would have been happy!  There was also a boat when we first walked in, so G and I posed for the camera...

Colin is drawn to water!  We took off his shirt so he wouldn't be soaked!

And Grandmama put on a puppet show!

There was a big dinosaur section...

... they didn't really faze Colin at all.
Then we went outside to see all the animals!  There was an area with goats, sheep and chickens where you could walk inside and pet them!

Colin, again, wasn't scared at all!  He went right up to them to pet them.  Then he pointed to each of them =)

It was a lot of fun seeing Colin's reaction to each animal.  Here is Papaw with Colin... they are pretending to be a turtle!

There were lots of animals to see!  They even had tigers!  And this was the closest I think I've ever been to them!  One of the tigers kept walking right next to the window! 

It was a busy morning, but I think we all had a blast!  There was a reptile/bug house that we walked through too.  I didn't get many pictures in there, there were lots of bugs and snakes... here is the building:
It was the one didicated to Davis Kelly.

They left yesterday afternoon.  We had so much fun having them here!  Can't wait for the next visit!

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I love your titanic picture! awesome! lol