Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Garet had a conference for the week, so Colin and I traveled on the train to Charlotte!  We got to hang out with my parents - and we had so much fun! 

We got to see some other family and friends too.  One afternoon, my aunt came by with my cousin (? she's my cousins daughter... 2nd cousin?) Maya.  Colin loved Maya!  She got a lot of his big hugs - and he crawled up in her lap for stories.

We spent some time messing up Grandmama and Papaws bed.  Colin just fell into the pillows and then just laid like this...

... waiting for his picture to be taken =)
This sweet scene...

... quickly turned to this...
He was saying "noooo"  (his favorite word now, by the way).  He wanted down.  I wanted a hug. 

Garet drove down with Suzi after his conference and surprised me!  He got there the night before my birthday... so I got to spend my whole birthday with him!  We got some pictures before dinner:

Here is me with Garet...

... and here is what was going on at our feet...

Just keep smiling =)

We got to hang out at a nice park near my parents.  Colin loved the slide!

He made a couple friends there.  And he climbed this chain ladder thing!

It surprised me that he could do it by himself!  Don't worry, my mom was right there to the right.  And I snapped this and then ran over in case he fell.  But he didn't.  And I got a picture of it =)

We always manage to get super dirty when we are outside at Grandmama and Papaw's house.  I just let Colin go.  Why not.  He has so much fun, and we can always change clothes.  This afternoon, however, he was so wet and dirty that we just stripped before we went inside. 

Love that he still has on his shoes =)

I posted over on Beane A Day about how Colin loves his smoothies!  My mom let him throw in the blueberries, strawberries, and the banana.  Then he got to push the button to blend it.

We had such a great time!  It always goes by so fast. 
We decided to travel early Monday morning to get back here.  So, we were home by 8 and had the whole day to play!  While in Charlotte, my mom got Colin a cute little backpack.  Today we went to the library, so Colin carried his books in it.  Here he is looking so grown up!

Thanks for a great week mom and dad!! 

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L Davis said...

It was a wonderful week! I'm still smiling! Love you all!