Monday, August 13, 2012

What a day...

After our train ride yesterday morning, we got to hang out with my parents for a bit.  It was nice to already be in Charlotte by 10 in the morning!  After Colin had his nap, my aunt and uncle came by, and then my sister in law and niece came!  Since Kailey does hair... and Colin's hair was getting out of control... we decided to have it shaped up. 

I was soooo nervous that all those precious curls would get chopped off!  But I trusted Kailey - and she did awesome!  At almost 2 years old, Colin has now had his first haircut.  Here he is before:
We kept telling him that he was getting a haircut, so he started pulling on it.
We put the cape on, and he immediately wanted it off.  So, I had to hang on to his legs so that he wouldn't try to pull on the cape.  He did awesome!  He sat still and let Kailey do her thing!  (For those interested, I did well too.  I was nervous, but it went really well)
Doesn't he look so excited?!
(and don't worry Kay - I have a baggie of the hair =) )
And here is the after of my sweet boy!
While Kailey was cutting Colin's hair, I was holding the cape on, and my mom was snapping pictures, my dad and Morgan got some bonding time.  Here is Morgan with her Papaw!

After the hair cut, we got to play!  Colin is learning how to share.  He is in a big "NO" phase.  Everything is "no" and "no" can also really mean yes.  So... when Morgan wanted to play with Colin's car, I had to remind him how we share.
And he did well after that.  Here is Colin and Morgan reading together.
 Morgan is so adorable!  She has so much to say now! 
Then my cousins Carla and Robin came, with Robin's daughters: Zoe, Maya, and Ava!  It was so great to see everyone!  Ava got her first haircut too!  She is about 5 months older than Colin... here they are taking turns in the car:
Before dinner, all the kids were playing... it was so fun to have the little ones running around and playing.  They all did really well together. 
I was so tired by the time I went to bed!  What a day!  But we had so much fun!

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L Davis said...

What an adventure, and what a day! So busy and so fun. Colin did really well getting his hair cut (so did Kelly).