Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How sweet...

We are definitely getting the rain from Hurricane Fay... This past Saturday Garet cut the grass and I worked just as long getting the grass/weeds out of my flowers! The yard looks tons better now! After lunch we had a social with our Sunday school class that afternoon. We had a really good time, we got to play some volleyball! The whole day the news kept telling us "it's going to rain, take your umbrella today, 'cause it's going to rain" - it didn't.

Sunday when we woke up, it was raining, nothing big though. By Sunday afternoon it was nice again, so I figured that was all we were going to get. Boy was I wrong!! Sunday night it started raining - all day yesterday it rained - today it is raining.... YUCK! And I mean like monsoon with wind and everything!

I don't know about you, but when it is nasty and raining outside, I just feel "blah", ya know what I mean? I'm not in a bad mood or anything - I just wanna curl up inside at home on my couch with my man and my puppy- oh and a movie or a good book, in my sweatpants... Anyway, that is how I've been feeling the past couple days with this RAIN!

So back to my title - Today, I had to run some errands for work, I didn't mind, but it was that gross misty rain when I went. Ya know the kind where you don't need an umbrella because it isn't raindrops, just a light mist. YUCK. So I called Garet to complain some :) Well after I got back to the office and got back to work, my sweet husband dropped by and gave me some flowers! He knew I was feeling "blah" and just wanted to brighten my day - and ya know what?

He did! How sweet is he?! I just love him!

Oh and guess what else? The sun's out now :)

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