Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Storm Door...

I can't believe I haven't talked about our weekend on here yet! We had a great, productive weekend! Garet was here the WHOLE weekend, which I loved! We had his dinner for work on Friday night, which was lovely.

Saturday morning, after breakfast, we started on the storm door.... boy - that is a job! It took us at least 4 -5 hours to finish the whole thing! NOTHING was done when we took it out of the box. I would think at least there would be a door hinge or something done, but no, we did it all (go us!!) I am sooo happy with it!

This is me doing all the work ;)

And here is the finished product!

That took up ALL of our Saturday morning, and after lunch we mowed the lawn, weedwacked, went grocery shopping, and chilled for a little bit. Then we headed out to meet some friends for dinner. THEN we went to see The Dark Knight. Good movie. Heath Ledger was great. I agree with everyone else =)

On Sunday, after church, our neighbor invited us along with our new neighbors over for a cookout. It was really nice to chat and get to know each other. So we had a very busy weekend - which lead to a busy week. I am going to enjoy this afternoon with having NOTHING to do!! Yay! Then this weekend we are headed to Charlotte for a wedding! I'll leave you with our sweet little puppy in the window...
How cute is she looking through the storm door???

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