Thursday, August 21, 2008

The rest of our trip...

This past Sunday was my birthday. It really crept up on me this year - I was so busy thinking about traveling to Charlotte, and going to a wedding, that it didn't even really feel like my birthday was also happening! My family really made it special for me, it was really nice to spend time with them. My mom wanted to cook dinner (which was completely fine with me!!! :) I love home cookin') We had my uncle and my brother and his girlfriend, Kailey over.
Everyone at the dinner table

Eric, Kailey, Me, and Garet
After everyone left, we were TIRED! I felt like we had been going non-stop for a couple days and it was all just catching up to us. We just layed down to watch some t.v... My mom snapped this picture.

On Monday, Garet and I were coming back here and my parents were leaving for vacation for a week. So we were all running around getting packed and making sure we didn't forget anything. They were traveling the same direction we were, so we just met up for lunch a couple hours down the road. Here we are before we left:
Mom and Me

Dad and Me

The Beane's
We had a wonderful time and it was so great to hang out with the family! And I had a great birthday! I feel so old ;) Garet and I both had Monday off, so this has been a short work-week which is fine by me!! I am sooo glad tomorrow is Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! Your Mom and Dad look exactly the same as they did 10 years ago! And I feel old too...we're closer to 30 (gasp!) than 20 now! Scary!