Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Off to DC...

Well we are heading out today! Both of us have to work, so we will be leaving after we get off and driving until we are tired, then finishing the trip tomorrow morning.

Looking at the weather for the area we'll be in, it is supposed to be nice and sunny with highs in the 50's. I still don't know what I'm wearing to the wedding. I just packed a LOT of stuff so I can decide later!

Speaking of packing...
Last night we, err I mean - I packed. Garet went to bible study and I went to hang out with some girlfriends - so I didn't get started packing until about 9 last night. I like to try and be really organized. Like I plan somewhat of an outfit for everyday I'll be gone. That way I know I have enough clothes. Then after I do all of that, I just pick a few more shirts "just in case", and a couple shirts for different types of weather... It sounds way more detailed than it is!
Garet, on the other hand, picked out a few t-shirts, grabbed his suit, and called it done. I said, Honey is that all you need? Don't you want a few more shirts? He said, I dunno, when the clothes come out of the dryer we'll see if anything catches my eye.

Ha! He makes me smile :)

So, we're off! Happy Spring!

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