Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goodbye trees...

Garet and I moved into our house in November 2007 - so all of the trees were dead in our backyard. Once it started getting warmer and the trees started growing leaves again, we noticed that we had two really dead trees. Not good. We had planned on putting up a fence so we wanted to get these trees down before the fence went up. We talked with our builder and he agreed that, while it was not their responsibility after we move in, since we did not know they were dead at the time they would take them down for us.

Great right? Wrong. 3 months went by of Garet communicating with them and them putting us off, then Garet said that we were going to be putting up a fence and they need to come asap. Didn't happen. Garet (and his dad) went to work building a fence. They were on the last piece and guess who showed up? Yep, the tree people. Well they said, now that we have a fence they couldn't do it, plus it was a favor to us anyway. So sorry.

Man we were mad! But we got over it. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. Garet was mowing the grass and notice that one of our dead trees had a crack going up it. From the roots all the way as far up as we could see. Definitely not good! We started calling tree people. Yesterday we had a crew come out and take down the trees, grind the stumps, and even left us with firewood :)

This was so entertaining to watch! I was soo nervous that the tree would hit a fence (or our house!) but they did a great job! And here is our firewood pile now!
Now we no longer have to be terrifed that a tree will fall when there is a storm :)

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