Thursday, July 16, 2009

What to do...

Next week Garet has to go out of town for work. I hate when he has to leave - But that is when I normally can get a lot done around the house. Isn't it funny - when he's home, I'd rather sit on the couch and watch t.v. or movies, but when he is gone I can't sit still! So... I need a project to work on next week. I really can't think of much that I really want to get done though.

One thing I have been wanting to do is get our office straightened up. Right now it is a real mess because Garet attempted to rearrange last week... so now there is stuff EVERYWHERE! It looks like we just moved in, I'm not even kidding! I want to get things back to normal! Also, we have two cork boards right now in the office. One is for odds and ends, stuff that we need out but don't want on the desk... ya know what I mean. The other one mainly has pictures of all our nieces and nephews (we have 12!) I want to condense these down to one. That would free up a whole section of wall space! But I want it to be prettier :) I have seen people cover their cork boards with fabric and that looks pretty easy. Here is a picture I found of one
Of course I would use different fabric - but what an easy way to fancy up a cork board! One of the blogs I like to look at is of a photographer in Texas. She has one of these in her kids playroom and it looks soo good! Here is the post about it. I love the way it is framed!
Anyway, that would be pretty simple (hopefully!) So I am still trying to think of stuff to keep me busy, so the time will fly by! I would LOVE to get a new headboard (actually a whole new bedroom suite!) for our bedroom. I like the idea of making my own - either a fabric one, or using a door like this one:
I just think that is so clever! I have seen people use many different things as a headboard - I just don't know if I'm that creative. And I think that would be a bigger project that I want to concur next week! But I love the idea!
Garet's birthday is next week, so I have some shopping to do! And some baking! I love to bake, for some reason it is soothing to me. When I get bored or if it is a rainy day - bake! I'll have to figure out a good recipe for a cake or something sweet to make for his bday!


Amanda said...

Do I remember correctly. Didn't you try to hang a storm door the last time Garet was away :) Don't get in over your head!
I love the door headboard by the way and the cork board! I need a cute cork board for my office at work.

Lacey said...

I'm the same way with John...he has to be out of the house for me to be very productive!

If you decide to bake, there are lots of good recipes on this blog I read:
I have been dying to try some of them!

Kelly said...

you remember correctly =)
I'll stick with simple this time!