Monday, July 13, 2009


I haven't posted in a really long time so this is truly just going to be random!

First off, today is my parents anniversary! 29 years! :) Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!! I think they are planning a trip this week to Garet's mom's house in Morehead, N.C. FUN!

I don't think I ever put this on the blog... but a few weeks ago (okay it's probably been at least a month) Garet and I were doing yardwork. I was mowing the grass and Garet was weedwacking. We found a small burrow on the side of our house. I had no clue what lived there - I was just hoping it was something cute. Well when we got to the inside of our fence Garet screamed and therefore so did I. Turns out it was a baby rabbit! Garet ALMOST got him with the weedwacker! So I scooped him up (in a laundry basket) and put him in the woods next door. Well the next day I was in our garage getting stuff for more yardwork and I saw a furry butt behind one of our cabinets! Turns out it was another baby rabbit! Here is a close up
Poor baby was TERRIFIED! Garet kept telling me to pick him up, so I grabbed some gloves and the laundry basket to put him in. He finally just got scared and ran out of the garage himself, here I am attempting to grab him. See how cute and little he was.... aww...

This past week Garet had a mandatory week off... I know right. Who does that?!
Anyway, he wanted to keep himself busy so one of the things he did was organize our garage. (You can see from the above picture that we needed it!!) He put up shelving and a wall of peg board so he can hang his tools. It looks really good! Too bad I haven't taken a picture of the finished product... but here he is at the beginning...
Oh, and the tennis ball? Garet hung those so that I would know how far to pull into the garage without hitting a) the steps or b) not getting far enough in. It works well :)

Another project is curtains. Oh the dreadful curtains. It seemed like a good idea at first...
I already had curtains that went over our backdoors, but I wanted them over the two windows in our living and dining rooms too. So finally I got some curtain rods that I liked. Then I measured from the top of the doors, made my marks, drilled, screwed, and viola. After the door, I measured from the tops of the windows, same deal. Afterwards I realized that the top of the doors were taller than the top of the windows. SOO........ my curtain rods weren't all the same height. SOO..... I had to redo them. :(
Here is me at the beginning of my project (when it was still a good idea). Once again, I don't have a picture of the finished product... although, they do look good!
That brings us about up to date. I will try to be a better blogger, promise.
This past weekend weekend Garet and I just enjoyed hanging out together. We went to a movie and ran errands and Garet even cooked me a WONDERFUL dinner! We've actually been going though a tough situation that I'm not quite ready to put on here. Just keep us in your prayers. WE are doing great so don't start thinking crazy thoughts!! :)
Next week is Garet's birthday - and he has to be out of town all week for work. At least it will be a good time for me to get him his gifts!! I hate when he is gone though. At least he will be getting back on Friday, his actual birthday!
Was that random enough?!

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The Melton's said...

I will certainly keep you in my prayers!
Cute pictures of the bunnies! I can't say I've seen a baby bunny :-)