Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This past week Garet had Day Camp with the Boy Scouts.  He loves this part of his job!  I went out there on Friday and he showed me all the fun activities and introduced me to all his wonderful volunteers!  The boys were so pumped and having such a great time!  One thing that was really cute was that (since it was the last day) they give out awards!  Not trophy awards - construction paper awards, that are personalized!   

Friday afternoon when Garet got home he informed me that not only did they give him an award, but they also gave one to me and Colin!  (I know!!  Cute!!)  Just so you know some background:  Garet LOVES confetti cake.  It's his favorite.  So somehow this came up at camp and they made him a cupcake (out of construction paper) with a single sprinkle on top (for the confetti).  For me, they gave me the Boy Scout symbol (out of construction paper) for "putting up with Garet".  =)  And for Colin... he got an award for being the youngest scout there!  It was a little scout shirt!
How cute is that?!

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Meghan said...

Awwww your belly is so stinkin' cute! I got your email I promise I will get back with you! It might be easier for you to give me a call my typing time is limited and usually misspelled thanks to a little "helper" on my lap!