Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Update...

I haven't given an update on what we've been up to as far as baby Beane is concerned in awhile!  Well, let me give the run-down:

1.  When Eric and Kailey were here, we moved some furniture around.  We had a guest bedroom and an office... now we have a guest room/office and a nursery!  (aww, we have a nursery!)  Our guest bed is a waterbed (one of those with strips of water, not one that has a big pool of water).  We were lucky that Eric was willing to help =)  He and Garet moved the waterbed into the "old" office, and they moved around the desks and dressers.  Sorry no before/after pictures.  I am bad about remembering to take the before!

2.  I got the bedding!  When we found out we were having a boy, I panicked about the bedding!  I am not a "theme" girl at all, so that eliminated the majority of bedding.  I knew I wanted something soft and calming (does that even make sense?)  I found this bedding, and LOVED it!  I put off buying it just in case something else came along.  Finally I figured, just do it!  It came in about a month or so ago...
This is just the comforter, once the crib gets in and I get it all set up, I'll take a picture of it all put together.

3.  We are pretty much registered.  I mentioned before that I have the book Baby Bargins.  I have really based most things on that book.  Well, that book along with other ratings (and suggestions).  I am all about safety over looks!  Anyway, I already had my list of what I wanted before we even embarked on the registering trip.  So... it wasn't too bad for us.  I think Garet had lots of fun =) (you can tell from how many toys we are registered for!)

4.  Garet and I went out a few weeks ago and bought a carseat and a stroller!  This was a tough decision for me!  I wanted safety (first and foremost!), and I also wanted the travel system... seems easier.  Problem - the travel systems were all pretty heavy.  This one was a perfect combination!  The carseat isn't as heavy AND it fits right into the stroller!  The stroller folds up flat so it will be easy to pack (I am supposed to be able to fold it with one hand... I need some practice with that!)  Anyway, we are super excited to have made that purchase!

5.  We painted!  (by "we" I mean Garet.  Seriously he gets ALL the praise for how great the walls look!  But... I did do the taping.)  I wanted it to match the green in the bedding, and wow it is perfect!  I can't wait to put everything together!

6.  We are signed up for classes at the hospital!  Child birth class, breastfeeding class, and newborn care class - I am really excited about it!  We are also going on a tour in August of the hospital where we'll deliver.

7.  Lastly - here is me and Colin =)  I really feel like I am going to be huge!  This was taken at 24 weeks... I still have a ways to grow!

(I think) that is all the baby updates!  There are so many here that are having babies!  It is fun to compare and see what they are going though.  My next appointment is in 3 weeks!  Then I think I will get to go every other week.  Time is flying!


Lacey said...

LOVE the bedding! I'm not much of a "theme" person either and just from looking around when I was pregnant I realized that it was going to be hard to find something not themed!

Anonymous said...

awwwww.....look at you!!!!
you're just growing right along!!!
I'm glad everything is going great! Will see you NEXT WEEK!!! Then, I get to see ya'll IN PERSON...

Missy said...

aww look at your belly! so sweet!