Monday, June 7, 2010


I don't know if anyone remembers my hydrangea plant from last year, but there were pink blooms!  This year they are blue!
I know that the acidity of the soil will determine if your hydrangea is pink or blue - I guess when we bought them last year the soil it was already in made them pink.  But I LOVE the blue!  We used blue hydrangea in our wedding flowers!  And we had a HUGE plant in Wilmington with blue hydrangea.  Love it!  Now my problem is that the blooms are weighing down my plant!  I seriously have no clue when it comes to plants, am I supposed to tie them up?  Or just keep cutting off the blooms?
These pictures were taken a few weeks ago... now the blooms are almost purple they are so blue! 

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mommadavis508 said...

What a beautiful reminder of your wedding day!
xoxo Mom