Monday, June 14, 2010

Water and Jewel...

What a weekend! 

Saturday (after our usual weekend cleaning, fun stuff...) Garet and I headed to the pool!  One of my friends told us to go to her pool anytime!  I'm not sure she is aware that Garet will be there all.the.time. during the summer!  I squeezed into my bathing suit, and off we went =)
[side note: I couldn't bring myself to buy a maternity bathing suit, so I bought a one piece.  I know it won't fit the whole summer... but it does the trick for now.  Actually I found a picture, except mine is black with white polka dots.  And no I didn't take a picture of myself in it.  Don't hold your breath for that...] 
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It is so nice being in the water when it is SOOO hot outside!  We didn't last too long, but enough to get some sun and cool off! 

Sunday we went to church and Anthony Evans sang - which was awesome!  Afterwards, we went home ate a quick lunch and headed out to Lake Guntersville.  Our Sunday school class had a get-together at a lake house.  It was really fun hanging out with everyone!  I didn't tube, or ski, or ride the jet ski, or even get on the boat for that matte - but I still had fun hanging out! 

We spent longer at the lake than we had planned, so when we left we had to rush home, shower and change then head to dinner before the Jewel concert! 
She had an acoustical concert here and tickets were $10.00.  Yep ten.  Crazy right?!  She is an amazing singer!  What a voice!
Garet and I both LOVE live music... we haven't been to a concert in a while, so it was nice to go hear some good singing!
It was a late night, but worth it!  And somehow I managed to get through the workday today without falling asleep!  =)

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