Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The crib...

As I mentioned we have a crib!!  It is so neat to see a crib in our house! 
I got a call last Thursday saying it was in... so Friday Garet and I went to pick it up.  We have an SUV, and it would not fit (wish they would have reminded me of this fact before we drove out there to get it).  Lucky for us we have some good friends that let us borrow their truck!  (Thank you soo much Taylor and Amanda!!)

Garet had to work late Friday night, so I had to wait allll the way until Saturday morning to get it out of the box and set up!  Torture!  My dad and G got everything all set up and it looks awesome! 

We unboxed it in the living room since we had more room in there... then we actually set it up in the nursery.

Since I already have the bedding I HAD to put it in the crib so I could really get the full effect!

I do not have a mattress yet... so that's why it may look a little funny.  The bumper will really be up higher (on top of the mattress)... but this is mostly what it will look like! 

Now my problem is... how to arrange the room.  Initially I wasn't planning on having two dressers (the long one and the tall one), but we do so now I am having trouble figuring out how to put everything.  I wish I had a little bit of interior designer in me - but I don't... maybe I'll search the Internet for other nurseries to get ideas =)

Garet decided to let Suzi try out the crib (not really - but it was a funny picture)

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I love Suzi in the crib:) And you look so cute with your little belly!!