Thursday, June 3, 2010

Love Story...

I don't write enough about my wonderful husband.  We are celebrating our anniversary so I figured I'd do a little recap =)'s a short version but still probably going to be pretty long, fyi!

We met back in college at UNC Charlotte.  I was a sophmore, Garet was a Junior.  We went to the same college but actually met because we worked together.  We both worked at Uno's Chicago Grill.  (They seriously have the BEST deep dish pizzas!)  Garet was a waiter, I was a hostess.  We got along great from the start... but we were strictly friends.  I constantly reminded my friends (and parents) (...and probably myself) of that!  We started hanging out a lot though.  In fact, Garet always got in trouble for hanging out at the host stand!  He even told me that he was going to marry me!  I laughed... little did I know!  When we would have a party, Garet would always be there...
We estimated that we started dating around April 19, 2003... we really have no clue.  I began meeting his 4 sisters and parents, he had already met mine.  I took a train to go visit him in DC, and he showed me around everywhere!  He helped me celebrate my 21st birthday by taking me skydiving!
In December 2003 I watched as Garet walked across the stage to receive his diploma.  After his graduation, he took 2 1/2 months to go on an Outward Bound excursion to get certified to lead one.  I wasn't allowed to talk to him (except he snuck and called me a couple times!).  He would mail me letters, and Valentine cards (he was there for our first Valentine's day).  It was really hard, but it just proved how we felt about each other.

In August 2004 I graduated, and after MUCH thought, we celebrated my 22nd birthday by moving to St. John, USVI.  This is the night of my birthday at my parents house on August 17th... we woke up early the next morning for STJ!
We had a blast living the island life for about a year!  Boy did we learn a lot about each other!  There is no escape when you live on an 8 mile long island  =)  Garet worked as a waiter and a trial guide, I was a waiter and a bookkeeper.  We met some crazy fun people that we still keep in touch with, and got to experience a whole new lifestyle!  It was hands down the best thing we could have done!  We had fun, we made lots of friends, we got tans!  And we got engaged!
December 24, 2004 at a fancy little restaurant looking over Coral Bay, called Chateau Bordeaux.  It was a perfect night!  I decided to start planning the wedding as soon as we got back to the states.  In the spring of that year, we took a cruise back to the states to start our "real" life.  That's right, a cruise was cheaper than a flight!  Especially with ALL of our luggage! 

After getting back to Charlotte and figuring out where to live next, we made the move to Wilmington, NC where Garet started grad school.  We bought a precious little house and within the same week we got Suzi.
Grad school only lasted a semester... Garet went on to work for Easter Seals, as well as the Boy Scouts.  I worked for an insurance company as a bookkeeper.
We decided to get married on June 3, 2006 in Lake Lure, NC.  My family owns a campground in Chimney Rock - which is right beside Lake Lure.  When we looked at the area, Garet said, this is it!  And it was!  We had a beautiful wedding (I may be a little biased!)  It was outside, and the reception was at Lake Lure Inn.  It was perfect =)  The night before a bunch of our friends and family went out to celebrate.
We were taken away on a horse drawn carriage.  It was the day I married my best friend.

We had already decided to move (LONG story... maybe some other time I'll tell it) so we quit our jobs right before we got married, sooo we got to take an extra long honeymoon.  One week in X-Caret, Mexico, and one week back in St. John.
After the wedding and honeymoon, we spent about 2 weeks traveling around the south figuring out where to live.  It was definitely an adventure!  Garet, me and the pup.  We finally decided on Huntsville, AL .  We put our sweet little Wilmington house up for rent and made the move.  About a year and a half later we built a house and settled in.
It feels like we have done soo much since we met.  It has been so much fun, and I am looking forward to what the future holds!  We are about to embark on yet another adventure when we welcome Colin to our family!

Garet, I love you!  You are my rock, my support, my sholder to cry on, you keep me laughing, you always know just what to say (or not to say!)  I can't imagine my life without you!


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Missy said...

Such a sweet story, I never knew how you and Garet came about...sweet! Happy Anniversary!