Saturday, November 13, 2010

Visit from Grandmama...

What a great visit we've had with Grandmama!  Garet had to go out of town for the week for work, so my mom came to stay with me, Colin and Suzi.  What a blessing it was to her here!  And obviously Colin loved having her!

We had fun dressing up Colin, we got a lot of errands done, we even went out to a shopping mall to walk around.  I actually got quite few pictures of Colin and me... I am so thankful because most of the time I'm behind the camera!

Grandmama, of course, brought some clothes!  And boy does Colin look so handsome in them!  I just love the little jeans on him!  They are a little big, but oh so cute!

I have so much fun with this precious child!

We picked Garet up at the airport yesterday.  I love having him back home!  Grandmama left to go home this morning... only a week before we see her again!  Yay!

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