Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What a trooper...

We drove about 30 hours total, there and back, for Thanksgiving!  Colin had never been in the car (or his car seat) for that long!  He was PERFECT!  It takes us about 7.5 hours to get to Charlotte and then about 6 to get up to DC.  Plus we stopped twice each leg of the trip to feed Colin and change his diaper... it was definitely a long trip!

Colin slept almost the whole time... and only had one freak out - which was probably more my fault.  I knew he had a dirty diaper, so I thought we could just change it, put him back in his car seat and go.... nope... the little man was hungry after that and let us know!  But really I was so happy that we had such a smooth trip.

And yes, he still slept good at night!  In fact, he slept for longer intervals... I'm guessing because of all the excitment during the day!  I did a video of our drive back to Huntsville.  Hope it works =)

(P.S.  Marge is our Garmin.  Garet named her...)


mommadavis508 said...

We were so happy to be your "lay-over stop"! Love the video and love you guys!

Andrea said...

Love the video! Colin is adorable and Suzy just makes me smile! Glad you guys took her along for the ride....she seems so calm!