Friday, July 12, 2013

2 months...

The many faces of Addison =)
I can't believe our baby girl is 2 months old!
She is such a joy and her personality is starting to come out!  She smiles a LOT now... especially at us - and Colin really loves when he gets smiles!
As you saw in the last post, she had her first trip and first trip to the beach last week!  She did amazing!  The car ride was good... she did get upset at one point and just needed me in the back to keep her company (which Colin also liked!)  She doesn't seem to really like her carseat.  She normally falls asleep in it, but she definitely would rather be held - like at the grocery store, I wear her versus leave her in the carseat.

She is still sleeping well at night (now in her crib).  She sleeps about 6.5 hours straight at night.  Although when she wakes up to eat around 4 am it sometimes takes awhile to get her back to sleep...  that's fun for mommy...
I really don't have her on any sort of schedule.  It seems to work better that way =)  (which is a surprise to me since I am soooo scheduled!)  She takes cat naps during the day but usually gets a long 3 hour nap in somewhere around lunchtime.

She has discovered the ceiling fan and will smile and laugh at it.  It is awesome because I can sit her under it and it keeps her attention for a long time!
She does NOT like the pacifier and probably a month ago stopped trying to give it to her.  She also isn't so sure about the bottle.  She will take it, but she would rather have me... speaking of, she nurses about every 2 hours during the day.  A few times she will go 3 hours, and then at night she does well. 

The bath is a work in progress.  She doesn't cry but she seems very nervous about it.  It could be the 2.5 year old that "helps" by putting water on her head. 
She is a very laid back baby.  When she gets hungry she grunts a lot before she starts crying.  She really doesn't cry that much.  She goes with the flow, which is nice since I have an active toddler running around!

At night she is a little more fussy.  She insists (ha) on being held and walked around... facing outward.  She's particular.   If you sit down she gets grumpy =)
She just fits right in and we love our little lady so much! 
You can see her two month picture here... and here is Colin at two months!

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L Davis said...

She makes so many faces, and all of them so cute! I'm glad she's such a laid back girl, goes with the flow. Sweet girl.