Saturday, July 20, 2013

Round here...

It's been busy 'round here... seems like even when we have no plans, we somehow stay busy...
Colin LOVES his cars and has started bringing me in on "lining them up".  He hands me a car and I put them in line.  And this is fun.  For at least an hour we can do this. 
So, I sometimes incorporate Addison... I make the cars go in a line around her...
And Colin really loves that!  He jumped at the chance to get a picture with Addison and his cars.  And he will randomly say, "I have LOTS of cars!"  Guess I say that often =)
We also said "good bye" to this sweet cradle that was made by Pop when Colin was born.  Garet kept asking me if I would be sad for him to take it apart.  I wasn't.  But since he kept asking I figured, hey, maybe I should be sad... so I told him to take one last picture before he took it down so I could process it later.  (for the record, still not sad.  But it is bittersweet to be putting away baby things.)
When Garet went to see his favorite band, OAR, in Charlotte for the night, Colin and I sent him a "good night" picture:
He might have been carefree and childless for a night, but he missed the craziness =)

Addison had her 2 month appointment and is 11 pounds (36%) and 22.5 inches tall (41%) not to mention her head... 95%!  Just like her big bro!  Colin came to the appointment but I was nervous that the shots with her crying would be too much for him, so he got to walk around the and get a sticker... when he came back he was able to see her band-aids and give her a kiss.  Addison did great.  She cried screamed when they gave her the shots, but as soon as I picked her up, she stopped.  She slept a lot once we got home.  I tried to get a picture of her first boo boo... you can barely see the band aid on her leg in the picture though =)
It has been HOT!!!!!!! lately!  Even under our patio fan outside I feel like I am about to start sweating!  We have taken advantage of having a boat and pool (ha!)  Here is Colin filling it up watering the grass...
He said he was making a "fire"
I just stood in the boat with him.  It is amazing how much better it felt just having my feet in the water!  I put the sprinkler on also to water the rest of the grass/plants and we had a fun time running through that! 
Poor Suzi just wants to play outside with us too... but she gets so hot!  And she doesn't like to get wet.  So she goes and digs a place next to the bushes...
Garet was able to join in on the pool fun after work... here was my view from the patio:
Colin wanted Garet to pour the water over him while he slid down the slide =)
Life is so busy and fun!  And it seems our calendar just keeps filling up!  So many fun things to look forward to! 

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A day in the life of the Beanes! Y'all are a happy bunch!