Monday, July 8, 2013

Our fourth...

This is another long, full of pictures, post =)  I just can't narrow down the pictures!
We headed to Blue Skies (Garet's mom's beach house!) in Morehead City!  The drive there was good - uneventful - Addison's first trip!  When we got there we didn't waste any time jumping in a canoe!
Colin did awesome... although once we started heading back he started complaining that it was "too sunny!"  Here we are coming back:
We had a low key night... Grandma Kay got lots of hugs from Colin =)  He did really well sleeping in a new place, in a bed.  We haven't traveled overnight much since he has been in a big boy bed.  He's such a great kid!
The next day, July 4th, we headed to Atlantic Beach!
We got there early so we beat the crowd.  Colin was really excited about it.  Here we are first getting in the water:
He liked to jump the waves.  He thought it was really funny that my feet kept disappearing (the waves would cover them with sand).  It was so much fun!
Addison was really awesome too!  When we got there she was asleep, so I just laid her on a towel in the shade and she slept for about an hour until she was hungry again.  Here she is with Grandma Kay and Papa Rod =)
We had a snack break...
... and Addison rolled over like this...
Then Colin enjoyed digging in the sand.  Garet would make sand castles and Colin would smash them =)
When we got back to the house we all piled on the couch to watch Clifford before nap time (which Colin didn't take!)
While he was [supposed to be] napping, Garet and I kayaked in the marina.   It was so much fun!  And I love seeing all the big boats!  It is a little intimidating being in a tiny kayak next to these huge boats though!  When we got back, we filled up a little pool for Colin and we hung out on the deck.  Here I am hard at work fixing the pool while Garet sat back watching...
Suzi loving being outside with us:
Colin eating my Cheez-its...
Addison hanging out in her seat:
We were able to get a family shot at the end of the pier =)
Since Colin didn't nap, he was exhaused by the time it was his bedtime (7:30/8) so we just put him to bed without watching fireworks.  I figured if they woke him up he could get up to watch them, but my sweet boy didn't make a peep all night!  There were fireworks all around us!  We sat at the end of the pier and watched them all across the ocean.  It was really neat.  And I didn't even attempt to take pictures of them.
The next morning we got ready to head to the beach again.  When Colin and Garet took Suzi out before we left, Colin picked me some flowers =)
At the beach, Addison did the exact same thing as the day before.  Slept.  =)

Colin dug a really big hole that he kept getting in.  He also kept putting sand back in it. 
For nap that day Garet and his mom set out in the kayaks to go all the way across the intercoastal waterway to the other side!  Here they are before:
(yes, Garet took one of Colin's water bottles...)
There they are out on the water.  The tide was out so they had to drag the kayaks out a bit before they could jump in and paddle.  But look how far across that is!!
 And they did it!  I think it took about 3 hours or so... Here they are after:
They look great! 
That night Garet and I got to go on a date!  ... well we took Addison.  She is still not so sure about when she wants to eat, so it's easier to just bring her along.  And it seems like we are still on a date because she just chills in her seat =)  
We went to one of our favorite restaurants in Beaufort... it's right on the water. 

Colin had a blast with Grandma Kay and Papa Rod! 
We left the next day and had quite the trip home... it is supposed to be 4 hours, it took 5, but it seemed much longer!  When we were about 1.5 hours into the trip, we stopped for lunch.  I fed Addison, the rest of us ate, then got back on the road.  Not long after that, Addison started crying.  I jumped in the back seat... between the carseats... yes it was super tight!  And I got her calmed down and told Colin we were all taking a "rest time".  That lasted about an hour, then it started raining.  We had a cloth roof rack.  So Garet pulled over, got all our luggage off the top and into the front seat.  I fed Addison again.  Then we crammed back in.  Garet and a FULL seat of luggage in the front.  Addison, Colin and me in the back with me covered with stuff (books, food, luggage...)  Suzi and more luggage in the very back.  We were a full load.  Oh and it stopped raining. 

Once we were finally home we were tired!  But the trip was sooo worth it!  We had a blast!
Can't wait to go back!  (in a month!  yay!)

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L Davis said...

Oh what fun and such good memories you're making! I love the pictures, I have a lot of favs! I'm so glad y'all were able to spend some fun time with Kay and Rod!