Monday, July 1, 2013


(I have started keeping these all together on a page at the top of this blog. It makes it easier for me to click back and see what Colin was up to. These are mainly so I don't forget any of these precious moments...)

The pictures are from the other day when we were outside blowing bubbles...

At dinner (almost) every night we ask Colin, "What was your favorite part of the day?" and he always flips it back at us... "what was YOUR favorite part?"  It is a fun time to talk about what all happened that day.

Colin is starting to pick up on times and numbers and days... like Garet and I will be talking about something and say, "maybe at 5:00.." and Colin will say "maybe six ninety four" =)  It's almost always 6.94.

He was super obsessed with the movie Cars... now notsomuch.  He still likes Curious George, Clifford and Thomas the Train.

We were all driving and I looked out the window and the sun was shinning through the clouds.  You could see the rays of the sun shinning down.  I said something like... it looks like Jesus shining down.  Colin picked right up on it and said, "Maybe Jesus will come down."  I said, "maybe..." then Colin said loudly, "You going to come down Jesus??" Then Colin said to us, "He said 'no'" 

When he is telling a story he will say "yesterday" when talking about anything other than what is going on at that exact moment.  Yesterday can be talking about what happened that morning or what happened a month ago.

Have you ever heard the phrase "Bow chicka wow wow"?  and how some people say "brown chicken brown cow"?  Well out of the blue the other day Colin said, "chicken chicken wowow" 
When Addison cries he will say either:  "Maybe she wants to be held a minute" or "Addison is hungry"

Colin thinks that fire trucks go make fires.
as well as puts them out.
oh, and they rescue people.

The other day Colin came up to me while I was nursing Addison and said, "Did she leave milk on your tummy?"... umm... I said, "eh, she is just eating right now..."  Then he said, "maybe a bowl and some milk?"  haha, I told him it didn't really work that way, then he got distracted with his cars. 

He has gotten to where he will yell at Suzi.  If Suzi is barking he will yell, "NO SUZI!"  It is pretty funny. 

I told him that he was so funny and he said, "nope, I'm delicious"

I guess I may have said something like, "okay Daddy-o" and Colin picked up on it.  Now he will say, "Mommy-yo, Addison-yo, Suzi-yo..."

He really likes to look at the pictures and videos on my iPhone.

He is a really good kid.  He has some trouble sharing his toys, but when we ask him to he will find a toy to give to whoever he is playing with.  He definitely knows his limits and knows how to jump over them =)  We have had to implement "time outs".  I find that taking things away from Colin is the most effective.  Like his cars, or our song before nap/bedtime.  He is so sensitive and when he does get in trouble in front of people he gets very embarrassed.  Sometimes when he gets hurt, if it is in front of people, he really downplays it and doesn't cry.  The other day he fell and hit his head on the patio (cement) floor and then jumped up and kept going.  I have to pull him aside to make sure he really is okay!  (he was!)

Colin is still SUCH a happy kid!!  He is always smiling - even when he is in trouble (which really makes us mad!  haha)  He is so fun and it is always entertaining to have conversations with him.  I wish I could record all of our chats!  He still LOVES his sister which makes my heart so so happy!

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