Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bikes and Colin-isms...

(I have started keeping these all together on a page at the top of this blog. It makes it easier for me to click back and see what Colin was up to. These are mainly so I don't forget any of these precious moments...)

These pictures were from today... we went downtown to a bike race!  There were bikes and bike vendors everywhere!  We got to see kids do a bike race, get free stuff (woohoo! new water bottles, peanuts, stickers, and cereal...), go to the "kid zone", meet Ronald McDonald, we had a great time!)

Of course, we saw a fire truck and HAD to go touch it!

We were driving in the car and Colin randomly said, "I am going to go to school allll byyy myself!"  And I said, "Oh really?  Okay."  Then he said, "No!  I need someone to drive me."  He is starting preschool in September but I had no idea that he actually understood that!

Garet has trained taught Colin to tell me I'm beautiful.  It is really is sweet.  Out of nowhere Colin will just say, "You're beautiful!" and it melts me.  Sometimes Garet will whisper to him to tell me that.  The other day Garet did this and Colin took a step back and said, "I'm not beautiful!" 

Playing in a raft from the US Whitewater center.

He was eating some chicken that had a little spice to it and he said, "I felt something funny in my belly." 

When G and I had a date night one night, Colin said to Grandma Kay, "I think I have water in my eyes... am I sad?"  I guess his eye was watering!

A big dog from United Healthcare... Colin loves to give high fives (wonder where he gets that from????   Huh, Garet???)

The boy has gas.  Lots of it.  What can I say.  So he likes to call them "toots"... and we hear a lot of, "I tooted!  Excuse me!"  Trust me, we hear it a lot.  So the other day we were watching something on t.v. and they were talking about a math tutor.  Colin busted out laughing, "Math Tooter?!?!?"  HA!  What am I going to do with this boy?!

We were in Garet's office here at the house and there were some papers on the printer.  Colin pointed at them and said, "Look!  Daddy has email!" 

Climbing up the bouncy thing.

I have told Colin since before Addison was born that she is just a baby and can't even talk yet... now that she is cooing and making noises I talk back to her.  Like I will say, "tell me about it..." or "what do you have to say..." or something along those lines.  When Colin hears me he will say, "Addison can't talk.  I can talk!  Hello!  Hello!"  ha!

Speaking of... I love the way he talks!  So high pitched and precious!  And the way he says certain words is just adorable.  Like he says: Ah-son (Addison)
Guess who is at the top holding up the line? =) 

Garet was leaving for work one morning... he had already told Colin bye, then he said bye to Addison, then me.  When he was walking to the door, Colin yelled, "Don't forget me!!" and he puckered up for another kiss =)  It was precious.

Colin knows that he is two and will hold up 2 fingers to prove it.  The other day I taught him that those 2 fingers also mean "peace"... he had fun running up to Garet and yelling "Peace!" with his 2 fingers.

And a belly slide on the way down!

I was driving home and Colin was chatting in the backseat.  We drove by a big truck and I said, "Oh look Colin, a car transporter!"  He said, "Yeah, it's a car transporter.  You are right."  Ha!  thanks bud.

In Garet's car Colin likes to look at a map or the yellow pages.  I asked him what the map was for and he said, "A map tells you where to go to the park."
Playing basketball with Daddy... Colin got to get a little closer - and he made it almost every time!

Garet cleaned our patio, like with the power washer, so it was spotless!  The next day, there must have been a little bit of dirt on it and Colin ran over to it and said, "what is this mess?!" 

Colin and I were playing in the backyard... he came up with a new game: throwing the basketball over the railing on the deck.  He would say he made a basket every time it went over the rail.  Then he started yelling, "I'M A PLAYA!"
Bubbles!  And Ronald McDonald!
Colin is soooo much fun!  I love to hear the things that he comes up with!  He cracks me up! 

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L Davis said...

He cracks us up, too! Thank you for preserving these Colinisms.