Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The house and the park...

Around the house we've been:
Peeking through the crib...
Going to the doctor (colds... both of them... and Addison has reflux.  Boo!)
Waking up with Daddy and watching firetucks (about 30 minutes of straight firetrucks with sirens...)
Hanging out on the couch...
We've also been taking advantage of the weather and going to parks.  We have to get energy out!
He looks so big here!
We loved this one!
Colin got this high up on the rock wall, then wanted down.  Ha!
And he got to drive a boat!
Addison was with us at the parks, but she was hanging in the shade while Colin ran and ran =)

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L Davis said...

and ran, and ran! What a super nice park!