Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cousin fun...

My brother, Kailey and Morgan came for a long weekend visit!  We had so much fun and stayed really busy!  Be prepared for a picture overload!
While we were waiting for them to get here I got this picture of Addison:
How cute is the shirt?! 
Colin has become obsessed with looking at the pictures on my phone... so here he is showing some pictures to Morgan:
Friday we all went to City Lake Park, which is right down the road.  The first thing we did was ride the train!
This was Morgan's first train ride and she wasn't too sure about it...
I love this picture... Colin with his tongue out, Garet just hanging out, Eric smiling at me, Kailey getting Morgan pepped up for the ride =)
The kids loved the train!  When it was over Colin took a little break while we waited for Morgan.
Then we headed over to the merry go round!  Colin L.O.V.E.S. the merry go round!  He chose his horse and then smiled and laughed the whole time!  I love this series of shots it totally sums up his ride:
It was so super hot so we let the kids swing in the shade...
When they were finished they wanted to play on the playground.  On the way we had to wave at the train going by =)
My fearless child loved to go down the biggest slide they had.  And he wanted to go over and over and over!
That night Garet put Colin down to bed and was gone a really long time.  I was wondering what was going on, so I snuck in and got this picture:
He fell asleep while putting Colin to sleep!  haha  I was careful to wake him up.  Too funny!
On Saturday we played outside in the water for awhile.
Then, Kailey and I went to a movie (The Heat - and it was hilarious!) and left the boys in charge of all the kids.  I snapped them eating lunch before we left:
When we got back, the boys went to a movie while we watched the kids.  Once Garet and Eric got home everyone ran and ran and ran around our "circle"  I tried to get a couple pictures.  We were having a great time!
Sunday, Garet had to work (boo!) so the rest of us loaded up and headed to Greensboro Science Center!  They just opened an aquarium part so it was crowded, but we had a great time!  Here is Colin giving a penguin a hug:
They were looking at an eel...
Colin looking at the sharks:
Thanks to my brother for giving me a hand with Colin.  It is hard to wear a baby on your front and try to pick up a toddler!  I definitely worked my arm muscles a bit that day =)  Here is Eric letting Colin try to touch the sting rays...
Then we traveled outside to see some animals out there!  Colin and Morgan got to get in a tunnel to see some kind of animal.
When we got to the tiger, I was surprised to see him so close to the glass!  Can you see him?  He was laying on his back just chillen in the shade!
Back inside we got to see T-Rex up close and personal...
I was sooooo hot wearing Addison, so after she ate she got to relax laying down in the stroller.  Sweet girl!  (Kailey made her the hair bow)
Before we left, Colin picked all the flowers that were there:
We had a fun picnic in the back of Eric's SUV and then headed back to the house for naps.  (Although Colin decided not to take one...)  After a big thunderstorm, we got everyone up and headed to a baseball game!  It was Morgan (and Addison's) first game! 
Colin was going through all his baseball cards:
And look who became famous!
That's right!  Morgan is a t.v. star =)
We all had a great time at the game!  Even Addison liked hanging out!

I am so glad we were able to visit with my brother and his family!  We had SO much fun!  And Kailey cut Colin and my hair!  Everyone got along... even the dogs!  I think I took a millon pictures but none of everyone together!  In fact I hardly have any of the adults =)  Guess that is what happens!

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L Davis said...

I'm so glad to see this post! And I'm super happy you all got to spend so much time together! :)